Why the Wayward Women’s Club?

Hi, I’m Stephanie. I’m a single mother of 5 ages 23-8 and grandmother to a 5 year old. My journey as a woman hasn’t been an easy one. I’m a recovering addict and recently divorced from an abusive marriage. Although my experience in life has been a tough one, I’m hoping to someone out there it could end up being a helpful one.

As a parent, I have breastfed four out of 5 newborns, one for 3 years. I know the pros and cons of finding childcare, especially when it’s the ONLY help you get with your kids. I’ve done everything from help with little league to watch my eldest child give birth. I don’t sugarcoat my experience and if you’re looking for advice, mine is raw and from the heart.

As a woman, I’ve experienced love and heartbreak. I’ve been in a physically abusive relationship and I’ve learned to live with just myself. I have a college degree and a criminal record. I’m an addict in recovery. Most of all, I’m here for you. Any questions or comments you have are welcomed and I hope you find my story to be interesting if not, helpful. Thank you so much for reading as much as you have and please subscribe to my blog if you like what you see!

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Makeup Maven💕💕

I absolutely LOVE makeup. Maybe I am insecure. Maybe I’m hiding the real me. Or, MAYBE I JUST LIKE BEING GIRLY, MAYBE ITS A FUN HOBBY, MAYBE I JUST LIKE IT. Sorry, there’s always someone trying to turn psychoanalyst about my affinity for makeup.

My makeup taste is definitely more refined and more expensive than my makeup budget will allow. My favorite brands are scented like Too-Faced and The Creme Shop, in addition to Lancôme, Chanel, andLaura Gelier. I used to be lucky to grab a free sample of good makeup until I discovered subscription boxes.

I swear, I’m not being reimbursed for my opinion, (just sharing my most awesome makeup plug) The first makeup subscription box I had ever heard of was The Birch Box. The Birch Box was a really sweet deal for the size of its products and the quality products you received, but I never got around to ordering one. I think it could be attributed to the somewhat masculine feel to the organic decoration and design of Birch Box.

My first subscription was the Itsy Glam Bag. $9.99 each month containing a super awesome and durable make up bag and five high end product samples. I loved the anticipation of what each monthly bag would bring. The only problem I had with Ipsy, was the sample size products did not keep me satiated for my makeup fix.

This girl I worked with had the most perfect use of good makeup, technique of application, and good skin that I have ever seen. I complimented her look one day and bless her heart, she mentioned that her makeup came from Boxycharm. I had remembered seeing the name advertised when I was researching Ipsy and decided to take another look.

At the time I started the only options Boxycharm offered was the $25 monthly box and the quarterly Boxyluxe box that added an additional $28.99 to your monthly. The site now offers a Premium box for $30 monthly. At the height of my subscription bliss, I was blessed enough to have the basic monthly, the Premium, and every 3 months the Boxyluxe come all in the same month. Boxycharm does not send sample size products, everything is full sized with the exception of some hair products coming in trial sizes. The boxes almost always have an eyeshadow or face palette and according to your beauty quiz, a mix of skincare, hair care, makeup, accessories, nail products, and beauty tools.

The box price determines the amount of products:

  • $25 monthly box- 5-6 products $150-175 value
  • $30 premium box-6-7 products $200-250 value
  • $50(approx) Boxyluxe 7-9 products $250-360 value

I have used Boxycharm for several years now and I must say, my friends envy my collection and so do my daughters!While I have not been asked nor paid for this review for Boxycharm, I will admit that I’m posting my personal subscription link in hopes that if you decide to try, you’ll use my link and help me acquire free makeup!


Or use my code at check out: Stephanie-YUYJLNFD

Either way, Boxycharm is an affordable way to build your makeup collection with quality, top of the line products. The base box is $24.99 and I swear two months and you will be hooked!


About Me

My name is Stephanie. I’m 43, divorced, and a mother of 5. I live near the East Coast, I smoke cigarettes, drink lots of coffee, and you won’t find vegan recipes here. I’m spiritual, but not religious so if cursing offends you, read no further. I am a non-traditional college student working towards my BS in Business and I am employed full time.

I don’t know who she is, but I love her photograph. #serene #peace #beautiful
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